Supreme Court on 5-4 vote blocks NY Gov. Cuomo from reimposing strict capacity caps on Catholic churches and synagogues that sued. Barrett joins conservative wing in majority; Roberts joins liberals in dissent. 5-4 SCOTUS temporarily blocks enforcement of Gov Cuomo restrictions limiting religious gatherings, win for Catholic and Jewish organizations that sought emergency relief. Justice Amy Barrett sides with Conservative justices late tonight to block Gov. Andrew Cuomo from imposing bans on religious services in NY. It was a 5-4. Chief Justice Roberts joined the court's 3 liberals in dissent. A testy Gorsuch-Roberts tiff in the opinions tonight. Gorsuch lays on the sanctimony, accusing the four dissenters of letting the Constitution wither on the vine just because it's a pandemic. Roberts isn't happy being characterized that way—and defends his liberal colleagues too. Supreme Court conservatives grant Catholic, Jewish organization request to block Cuomo's Covid-related restrictions on houses of worship. CJ Roberts and liberal justices object. Shows impact of replacing Ginsburg with Barrett. As the majority and concurring opinions make clear, NYC dodged a figurative bullet with their little stunt over 2A infringements. These opinions sends a clear message that that sort of chicanery will not be tolerated further, and is a deserved slap in the face to Roberts.