Jim Hanifan Death - Obituary: Former St. Louis Cardinals coach Jim Hanifan dies at 87.

Former St. Louis Cardinals coach Jim Hanifan has died , according to the following statements posted on social media on November. 25, 2020.

"Jason Barrett on Twitter: "Jim Hanifan was one of a kind. Hilarious, unfiltered, full of insight, a great storyteller & someone who was loved on the radio in St. Louis. Plus he was a great coach. The entertainment value in Heaven just improved with Hanny’s arrival. #RIPHanny https://t.co/cKAqn4JEKI" / "


Bill Center wrote Jim Hanifan, who was Don Coryell’s offensive line coach at San Diego State and with the St. Louis Cardinals and later was the Cardinals’ head coach passed away today. Smart and passionate. Chris Hornbostel wrote Summer of 1997, Jim Hanifan and 6 Rams offensive linemen came into Bristol, and I waited on them. Coach Hanifan was incredibly nice, & kept the entire table laughing & hanging on every word he said. Waiters have good instincts for recognizing a good person...and he was that. RIP.