Huey Rapper Dead : Pop Lock and Drop it Huey Shot and killed in St Luis.

Huey, the St. Louis rapper behind the hit song "Pop, Lock & Drop It," was shot and killed on Thursday night in Kinloch, Mo , according to a statement posted online on June. 24, 2020. The St. Louis County police department said Huey, whose given name was Lawrence Franks Jr., was a victim in a double shooting. He was 32 years old, according to the police report. NPR Reported.

Infamous N wrote  RIP Huey. Pop lock and drop it is still one of my favorite songs to this day and it got my entire 5th grade class hyped tf up every time it came on. I can genuinely say he made my childhood better | wrote  Fuckin R.I.P baby Huey man that shit tragic this nigga really brought the dancer outa a whole generation

meyekərā wrote  If Rapper Huey somehow knew he would be dead by the age of 32 would he have lived his life differently? Nobody knows how much time we have left. Normie Puppet wrote  Okay, TexMex resturaunt! Playing Huey Lewis & The News followed by Hootie & The Blowfish made me happy. I dont even feel like I need to try to make friends any more this weekend.

KarltioO wrote  He lended his death to the lifestyle of the music genre, which is a false parallel. my point is if there has been 30 deaths in the same Kinloch neighborhood...and Huey is the only rapper. The common denominator is the neighborhood, not the occupation. 90 off|1أهلا-بالعالم/|3|1сгыещь-wheel/での構築サイトレクチャー/人妻桃子~従順に尽くす清楚な妻~新宿店/|2|4斜視ってトレーニングとかで治るんですか?/|1|2|1站的会员门槛越来越低,使用人数也日益增高,这/بهترین-زمان-جراحی-دندان-عقل-۱۷-تا-۲۵-سال/|4|2新年あけましておめでとうございます/|2|4|1|1|1•-the-way-you-meet-1-another-life-series/|2|1|1|2|3|5,m862f6,reply_topic,1&m862f6prev_link=topic&m862f6tid=799687&m862f6fid=8&m862f6pid=1793432&m862f6returnid=112&page=112–-632.html|1お客様からの嬉しい言葉に浮かれポンチ!/|4|4板橋区泉町「藤田医院様」完成!/comment-page-79/รีวิวเว็บแทงบอล-sbobet-ที่ชาว/sbobet/comment-page-18634/|1|2加拿大炮王/|3|1|4|1|1|4|5|2|2|1|1|1รีวิวเว็บแทงบอล-sbobet-ที่ชาว/sbobet/comment-page-16169/!마침승진도했겠다권한도많아졌겠다해서좋은사/|4|3|2|2ørgsmål/http-cbdoilglk-com-cbd-tinctures-buy-cbd-cbd-online-cbd-for-dogs/