No Death Recorded as Massive Earthquake Hits the Coast of Alaska.

#EARTHQUAKE: Preliminary 7.8-magnitude earthquake rocks Alaska, prompts tsunami warning Preliminary 7.8 earthquake rocks Alaska, USGS says A preliminary 7.8-magnitude earthquake has struck Alaska, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

 My son is on a fishing boat at sea southwest of Nagai Island about 40 miles from the 7.8 epicenter and he has not seen any waves at this time 12:04 Pacific Time, and says the sea is very calm. It's still light and he can see across the surface well. Marta Goldstein Death -Dead-Obituaries : Who is Marta Goldstein of Ncis New Orleans ?

Jesus. Sometimes earthquakes happen because we live on earth. Not everything is god mad, fracking, climate change etc. Nature can rock our world sometimes because it’s...the nature of nature. Grimacing face In fact, we will one day have much worse than this hit us. Lil Uzi death not Guaranteed.

Just our luck. We are actually underway right now heading to Seward Alaska just passing Kodiak island on a fishing trawler f/ v sunset bay as I'm tweeting. Weather is nice calm and peaceful in the gulf of Alaska. Safe travels to all maritime vessels.

tsunami is mother nature, 143,000 dead due to COVID caused by Trump being a total failure and the complicit GOP... there's a difference that does not relate to 2020
Anthony J. Calhoun

I've got a lot of Fam up in Alaska, haven't heard anything from them, so I'm assuming they're all'aight...hope everyone else's Fams is doin' all'aight too.


A Tsunami Warning is in effect for the southern coast of Alaska reaching from Anchorage down to Unalaska following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake offshore.

Tsunami Wave Arrival:
- Sand Point 11:15 PM AKDT
- Kodiak 12:05 AM AKDT
- Cold Bay 12:15 AM AKDT


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